Quick-Start Guide

Start Promoting a Bodyweight Burn Product Immediately

It only takes a few minutes to start promoting Bodyweight Burn Products. All you it takes is two steps. Make sure you have an affiliate account, and grab you marketing materials and go!

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, then we’ve outlined the most basic process for becoming a Bodyweight Burn Affiliate below. Use the following links for simple and detailed instructions about each step:

  1. Register to become an affiliate
    • The very first thing you need to do to become an affiliate of Bodyweight Burn products is to create a free account with Clickbank, which is a third-party service that we use for our affiliate program. Clickbank serves as our shopping cart software and is responsible for the processing of all sales transactions (ie credit card transactions). They also handle all of our affiliate program tracking. So, if you want to start earning money as an affiliate of Bodyweight Burn, you need to register for a Clickbank user account before you do anything else. *Click Here to Sign Up at Clickbank*
  2. Grab your marketing materials and start making money!

If you have any questions about the becoming a Bodyweight Burn affiliate, please contact us at support@bodyweightburn.com

Thank you for supporting Bodyweight Burn and welcome to the team!


The Bodyweight Burn Team